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Social Studies

The social media class built to provide small to medium sized businesses with industry knowledge from someone who has been there, done that in social media marketing for 11+ years.

The Next SOCIAL STUDIES begins May 31, 2022

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When I started RYB in 2019, I had no idea that the world would come to a halt causing many businesses to reduce their marketing budgets or stop them completely! As we begin rebuilding and transitioning to the online world, I recognized that not all new businesses can afford fancy marketing firms and many are looking to run their own social media platforms. SOCIAL STUDIES was build to help small businesses do just that!

Learn How To:

  • Create consistent content

  • Auto post and plan your content schedule

  • Level up your images with a few slight adjustments

  • The importance of photography and videography for your brand

  • Understand the algorithms 

  • Find expert tools to lighten your workload



I find that I struggle learning from a variety of people; most classes 'think they are teaching', but they aren't able to provide examples, only concept. Kelsey was able to put the information into nice categories and separate it all into easy to digest sections while providing real life examples. Kelsey really has a skill for workshops.

Nicole Koch, Social Studies Student

The Next SOCIAL STUDIES begins May 31, 2022

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The Next SOCIAL STUDIES begins May 31, 2022

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